"Learn Emotionally Empowering Tools 
To Regain Inner Peace & THRIVE  
WITHOUT Fear, Shame Or Guilt."
Discover How Some Of The Top Emotional Health Experts In The World 
FLOURISH During These Uncertain Times. 
Learn From Some Of The Top Emotional Health Experts In The World How to Flourish During These Uncertain Times.
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January 1 - 3, 2020
The Ultimate Emotional Health Summit
Dear Friend,

Have you ever thought... 
“How Do I Maintain A Positive Outlook On Life When There Are So Many Crazy And Saddening Things Happening In The World?”
You are not alone… 

I’ve asked myself these same questions…
I see people going through the day with such positive energy and seeming like they have complete control of their lives.

And it seems like the dream... 
But how is that possible, when all around me friends and family are going through hard times? 

When I turn on the TV or Social Media and all I see is scaremongering, negativity, hardship or suffering. 

And I'm forever preparing myself emotionally to ensure I maintain positive energy and mindset, in particular for these strange and uncertain times.
My name is Wendy K Laidlaw, and the Founder & CEO of Heal Endometriosis Naturally and #1 Best Selling Author.

I help women to empower themselves by identifying the root causes of their pain and inflammation. 

I share with my students the SECRETS to conquering their Endometriosis & Adenomyosis conditions and how to put them into remission naturally (and also improve their fertility).  

What a lot of people don't know is that when the craziness of 2020 happened many of my students reached out asking for more emotional support and guidance on how to deal with the uncertainty and take back more control of their lives.

Many have been able to learn how to embrace their emotions and empower themselves emotionally... But many haven’t... 
And that fact drove me crazy...  

So, I asked 23 of some of the world's TOP Emotional Health Experts on embracing and empowering emotions what THEY did to keep themselves in a TOP healthy and healing mindset, AND how they had overcome some of the following symptoms and conditions themselves like;
  • Anxiety 
  • Depression
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Insomnia
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) 
  • Anxiety 
  • Depression
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Insomnia
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) 

Here is the message that I sent to our experts, to see if they could help me to pinpoint the SECRETS I needed to understand to help empower ourselves when all around us feels overwhelming:

How many other woman have no idea that they can turn this love they have for interior design into a business that can give them the freedom they desire in life.

I have a question for you and I'd love to know your answer. 

How are you able to prepare yourself emotionally and deal with life's challenges when there is so much negativity is around us today?

What steps do you take to make sure you remain positive, strong and upbeat?"
- Wendy
I wanted to know EXACTLY how we can have peace in our lives during this uniquely stressful period in history. How can empowering ourselves emotionally help us during these bizarre times? 
I was touched by the responses I got, as most of them were willing to take the time to share their insights and wisdom with me so I could pass it on to you.

These incredible people were willing to share what is 'Ultimate Emotional Health' for them and to share their tools, tips and tricks on how embracing your emotions may help you if you are struggling right now. 
Their advice for how to have Ultimate Emotional Health (to help us navigate anxiety, conflict, stress, and fear) SHOCKED me. I kept being humbled by realising there was so much I didn't know when it came to the VALUE of empowering ourselves emotionally!
Their advice was real, honest, and backed with experience. This wisdom intrigued me, inspired me, and changed my life, and I am so excited to pass it on to you. 
The Truth Will Set You Free...
I discovered that the root of most emotional distress, sadness and pain, comes from not knowing HOW to be comfortable with our own emotions. 

Once we learn to embrace the feelings and emotions that arise every day, then we can start to resolve what may lie in our subconscious and begin to experience those incredible states of peace, tranquillity and harmony that we all crave.
Fear, Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Loneliness…
So much of the emotional pain we suffer is because we don't know how to embrace what we currently feel. 
Increasing our self-awareness always leads to FREEDOM!!! 
I’ve suffered from chronic depression, panic attacks and anxiety in the past. It's been a long journey of healing for me, and that's why I only want to share what works. 

I know the pain of fear, anger, and grief of trying so many things that don't work. 

I am grateful to report that I can say the insights I received from these experts are truly helpful, especially for those who are suffering emotionally right now. 

After interviewing over a dozen of them, they left me TOTALLY CONVINCED, that ANYONE, as long as they faithfully applied the tested and proven secrets found in these interviews, could overcome any circumstance, trial or tribulation thrown at them...

And that's when it hit me...

I needed to share this with everyone!
Anyone Who Has Ever Felt LOST Or That There Was No Possibility Of Overcoming Anxiety or Adversity
...Needs These Interviews.
At first, I planned on selling these interviews… 

But because I know of their immense value, and how much I would have to charge if I were to sell them…

I knew that if I did, the people who needed them the MOST, wouldn’t be able to afford them. 
Then it hit me…
"What if I joined forces with these emotional expert geniuses, AND got them to do a live interview detailing their secrets and tools?

And then worked with them to make as much noise as possible and put these lessons into the hands of anyone who wanted to empower themselves emotionally?"

So, I emailed back each and every one of these 23 Emotional Health Experts…

And I Asked Them The Unthinkable
"Would You Be Willing To Share This With Everyone...
At first, a few of them thought I was a little crazy… 

But then one said "Yes"

And then another! 
And soon EVERY ONE OF THEM agreed to come on a video interview and walk through each of their own Secret strategies, tools and plans that keep them THRIVING emotionally in these turbulent times!!!
So, WHO were the speakers that were kind enough to agree to help you and serve you at the HIGHEST level?

Continue scrolling further down to find out...
Prepare to meet these Emotional Health Experts...
Bryn Bamber

Identifying Invisible Trauma & Overcoming Anxiety

Lois Hollis

Uncovering & Overcoming Subconscious Shame & Guilt

Sylvia Gunawan

The Transformative Power of Meditation & Mindfulness

Jason Wasser

Overcoming Hidden Trauma with Neuro Emotional Technique (NET)

Jeremy Bennett

Your Inner Strength to Overcoming Anxiety & OCS

Dr Manju Rentala

Creating Powerful Mindset to Enhance Fertility

Kevin Davis

Identifying Stress & Foods to Combat Chronic Disease 

Bridgette Dawson Campbell

Keto Food Approach to Embracing Emotions

Prepare to meet these Emotional Health Experts...
Amber Wise

The Power Mindset of Emotional & Physical Fitness Combined with Self Love

Dr Andrea Lamont Nazarenko

Research Psychologist of Bio/Psycho/Social/ Stress on Digestive Health 

Estelle Coombe-Heath

Overcoming Emotional Eating & How To Heal Your Relationship with Food

Jessica Beauchesne

Ultimate Digestive Health & Understanding Emotions For Enhanced Fertility

Sarah Morrison

Connection Style For Thriving In Corporate Management & Mothering 6 Children

Suzanne Buchanan

The Power to Transform; Foundational Faith & Working With Your Body's Dashboard 

Tyler Watson

 Energy Healing & Emotional Health Is In Every Cell Of Your Body

Prepare to meet these Emotional Health Experts...
Amanda Love

Fibromyalgia in Remission With Natural Holistic Nutrition

Jacqueline Kane

Overcoming Inheritated Trauma in the Subconscious Mind, & Body

Dr Klayne Rasmussen

Neurofeedback; Recovering from Depression & Anxiety For Life

Lav Chintapalli

Overcoming Emotional Burnout to Achieving Brilliance

Miguel Diaz

Fitness & Mindset Transformation & Finding Inner Peace

Scott Cranfield

The Importance of Story Telling for the Psychology of the Child & Parent

Steve Bartetzko

Altering The Internal Stories  AND Cultivating The Inner Hero Mindset

Valerie Huard 

'Put That Stuff Down'  Overcoming Trauma & PTSD Through Simplifying Life

"What About You Wendy?"
Hear MY SECRETS To Help 'Empower You Emotionally' During Uncertain or CRAZY Times...
Wendy K Laidlaw

World's Leading Expert in Mentoring Women with Endometriosis to Put It In Remission Naturally
#1 Best Selling Author, Podcaster & Founder of Heal Endometriosis Naturally

Author of Embracing Your Emotions, Empathy & Energy - & How To Become An Emotional Master (Coming Soon!)

Prepare to Meet These Personality Masters…
Prepare to Meet These Personality Masters…
I Want To GIVE You Access To All 23 Of These AMAZING Interviews…
So You Can Learn The SAME Secrets That Propelled Their Success!
So… What’s The Catch!?
I Want To MAKE SURE You Watch AND Implement Each Of These Plans…
Yes, that means you have to BLOCK OUT that time… 

Immerse yourself in the interviews…

AND take notes…

And then I want you to finally start to embrace your emotions and be able to empower yourself... as you will be encouraged to do by watching these inspiring interviews. 

Yes, that is my motivation… to make sure you actually watch, learn and implement what you are hearing from the 'Golden Nuggets' and gifts that these wonderful 23 people are giving you.
So, that’s it!  

Just a commitment that YOU need to make for yourself if you are serious about emotional empowerment. 

• A commitment to invest in yourself
• A commitment to watch and listen
• And a commitment to implement...

I can’t wait to see how far you go with this. 

Thanks again, and I’ll see you on the inside of the Members Area!
Wendy x
P.S. - If you’re here looking for a quick recap… here it is. 

When you purchase the "Ultimate Emotional Health Summit Speakers", you’ll get access to all the interviews with 23 of the world's TOP Emotional Health Experts.

They will show you what they'd do to break FREE from overwhelming or crippling emotions and how they keep themselves THRIVING emotionally during troubled times...

...and HOW you can begin to empower and love yourself in a whole NEW way.

When you purchase, I will also share with you a special presentation at the end showing you what I have learned in my years of studying the human mind and psychological patterns.

Plus I will share the shortcuts and connections you need to be FREE from emotional pain and suffering, how to take back power and control, and show you how to find peace and joy again.  

All you’ve got to do is click now:
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