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Bryn Bamber

Identifying Invisible Trauma & Overcoming Anxiety

Lois Hollis

Uncovering & Overcoming Subconscious Shame & Guilt

Sylvia Gunawan

The Transformative Power of Meditation & Mindfulness

Jason Wasser

Overcoming Hidden Trauma with Neuro Emotional Technique (NET)

Jeremy Bennett

Your Inner Strength to Overcoming Anxiety & OCS

Dr Manju Rentala

Creating Powerful Mindset to Enhance Fertility

Kevin Davis

Identifying Stress & Foods to Combat Chronic Disease 

Bridgette Dawson Campbell

Keto Food Approach to Embracing Emotions

Amber Wise

The Power Mindset of Emotional & Physical Fitness Combined with Self Love

Dr Andrea Lamont Nazarenko

Research Psychologist of Bio/Psycho/Social/ Stress on Digestive Health 

Estelle Coombe-Heath

Overcoming Emotional Eating & How To Heal Your Relationship with Food

Jessica Beauchesne

Ultimate Digestive Health & Understanding Emotions For Enhanced Fertility

Amanda Love

Fibromyalgia in Remission With Natural Holistic Nutrition

Jacqueline Kane

Overcoming Inheritated Trauma in the Subconscious Mind, & Body

Dr Klayne Rasmussen

Neurofeedback; Recovering from Depression & Anxiety For Life

Lav Chintapalli

Overcoming Emotional Burnout to Achieving Brilliance

Miguel Diaz

Fitness & Mindset Transformation & Finding Inner Peace

Scott Cranfield

The Importance of Story Telling for the Psychology of the Child & Parent

Steve Bartetzko

Altering The Internal Stories  AND Cultivating The Inner Hero Mindset

Valerie Huard 

'Put That Stuff Down'  Overcoming Trauma & PTSD Through Simplifying Life

Sarah Morrison

Connection Style For Thriving In Corporate Management & Mothering 6 Children

Suzanne Buchanan

The Power to Transform; Foundational Faith & Working With Your Body's Dashboard 

Tyler Watson

 Energy Healing & Emotional Health Is In Every Cell Of Your Body

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